Parish Leadership

Vestry: This body, headed by the Rector and Wardens, is the leadership team for the parish. Consisting of the Rector and up to 7 elected members, the Vestry oversees church operations, provides direction to the committees described below and supports the mission and ministry of the parish.

Buildings & Grounds: This committee is charged with overseeing our facilities and campus. They keep the building repaired and the gardens manicured and beautiful as an asset, not only to St. Paul’s, but, also, to the Town of Ocean City. They are very proud of our heritage and our being placed on The Maryland Historic Registry and The National Register of Historic Places. They are able to do this important work, not only with our committee members, but with the help of others members of St. Paul’s by-the-Sea.

Finance: This committee exercises general supervision of the financial affairs of the parish. It prepares the Annual Budget in a timely manner and recommends it to the Vestry.

Memorial Fund Committee: Receives gifts and donations on behalf of the parish in memory of the deceased.

Parish Life: This committee’s mission is the feeding of people in Body, Soul, and Spirit. As such it is involved in planning and supporting the programmatic and social life of the congregation.

Worship Committee: Involved in planning and supporting the worship life of the congregation.

Shepherd’s Crook Food Pantry: Provides and distributes food to those in need in our community.

Guests are generally welcome at all meetings.


Tom Shuster, Senior Warden 
Bob Rothermel, Junior Warden
Cheryl Nottingham, Registrar
John Knotts, Treasurer
Class of 2023
Karen Gordon
Paul Rogers
Bob Rothermel
 Class of 2024
Kay Ayres
Tom Shuster
 Class of 2025
Amanda Cropper
Andy Diaz
Other Committee Chairs
 Karen Cramer, Chair, Historian
       Cheryl Nottingham, Chair, Finance
Mary Wright, Chair, Altar Guild
Tom Shuster, Chair, Worship Committee
Bob Rothermel, Chair, Buildings & Grounds
Nancy Knotts, Chair, Shepherd’s Crook
Amy Rothermel, Chair, Memorial Fund
2023 Diocese Convention Delegates/Alternates
Amy Rothermel- Delegate
Paul Rogers- Delegate
Debbie Shuster – Alternate
Tom – Alternate