New Here

Be Our Guest This Sunday!

10:00 AM (Also Online)

Our church is located at 302 North Baltimore Avenue Ocean City, Maryland

Across from City Hall – click here for the map.

the word welcome written in cursive ink on a glass surface

It can be simple in the off-season and more challenging in the summer. There is parking on Third Street, in front of the church. In the summer, you can park in these spaces at no charge on Sundays until Noon with one of our parking passes displayed on your dash. You can also park in the large lot behind City Hall on Sundays until Noon with a parking pass. The parking meters are in effect from April 1 – May 25, 2023. The parking passes can be obtained from the usher or by calling the church office (410-289-3453).

We have many doors leading inside the building. However, the red doors atop the grey steps provide the most direct route to the sanctuary. If you need a handicap-accessible entrance, follow the signs along the sidewalk to the left of the front steps. On the northwest corner of the building, enter through the orange doors. There is an elevator just inside to the left.

You will experience traditional worship using the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer accompanied by hymns from the 1982 Hymnal and other sources performed on our pipe organ.

Everyone wears what they are comfortable in: for some people that’s shorts and a t-shirt, for others jeans, for others a shirt and tie or dress.

Our usher will greet you with a big smile and give you a bulletin in which the entire service is printed. The bulletin also includes announcements and a calendar of upcoming events. The entire service, prayers, readings, and hymns are also projected on monitors at the front of the church.

You are free to sit wherever you would like. If you need some assistance or have any special needs, the usher would be happy to help you.

We alternate between Holy Eucharist services celebrated by supply priests and Morning Prayer services officiated by members of our licensed lay worship leaders. A typical Holy Eucharist service lasts about an hour and 15 minutes. It consists of two major parts: the Liturgy of the Word (prayers and readings) and Holy Communion. A typical Morning Prayer service lasts about 40 minutes and consists of prayers and readings. Hymns are sung throughout both services.

Just to put you at ease, you won’t be asked to do anything that identifies you as a guest so you can relax, take in the service, and get involved at your pace.

In recent years we have come to interpret our
mission as “Feeding People: Body, Soul and Spirit.”