Clergy and Staff


We are currently without a Rector. The search process is progressing well. For now, we have supply priests conducting Sunday services.




Retired after thirty two years of service in the Corporate World of Global Information Technology Management, Don and his wife Kathy immediately relocated to Ocean City to spend time with two of their five grandchildren. The other three reside in Jacksonville Florida and Kathy and Don spend a lot of time traveling to be with them as well. In August 2013 their oldest grandson left Ocean City for Virginia Tech (Honors Engineering) to pursue a degree in computer science engineering. To date Don feels that his administrative career at St. Paul’s by-the-Sea has been very rewarding as he attempts to seamlessly integrate new technologies and processes into the traditions of the church. “I am enjoying the magnificent Ocean City life style and the never ending challenges of working in a church!” The office is located in the undercroft area with the main (handy-cap) door entrace at ground level off 3rd street facing Baltimore Ave.




Joy is the director of The Red Doors,  of St. Paul’s by-the-Sea. Their mission statement: “The Red Doors of St. Paul’s By-The-Sea engages and inspires children and adults of the community to express their creativity through education, recreation, and spiritual growth.”

OUR POSITION IN THE COMMUNITY: We are an effective church sponsored outreach program that improves the lives of children, adults and families and in our community. 

VISION: To cultivate strong relationships within the community through our church-based outreach, to enrich the lives of children, adults and families.




Shirley says that “God has been good allowing me to use the gift of music that he gave me for 67 years. My very first piano lesson was at age 10 and I have never tired of playing. This has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people from around the world while I have traveled very little. I have sat on the piano/organ bench playing in beautiful Ocean City for 41 years and have never desired to go anywhere else. I started playing in church at age 12 and have continued to this day. I consider myself blessed!”

Shirley plays the pipe organ and the piano and collaborates with the Rector to determine music selections each week. She directs the St. Paul’s by-the-Sea choir, which meets after the Sunday services at 11am. New singers are always welcome!


Jody Farley- Bookkeeper & Communications Director

Jody has always been very involved in the life of St. Paul’s by-the-Sea. She was the Parish Secretary in the early 1990’s. In 2016, she joined the staff again, creating bulletins and helping in the church office. She became the bookkeeper for the Red Doors Community Center in 2017 and later for the church as well. In 2020, Jody took on the newly created role of Communications Director to oversee the various aspects of digital communications between the church and the congregation, as well as the church and the community. 

Jody has been a member of SPBTS since 1975, when she and her parents moved to the area from Northern Virginia. She has been a choir member, an acolyte, a Sunday school teacher, the director of Christian education, and a co-chair of the Parish Life Committee. She literally grew up in the church and considers it her home. 

In the “outside world,” Jody has worked in many area churches, most of them being Episcopal. She has also held management positions in both the retail and restaurant industries. She loves traveling abroad (Italy is her favorite destination), photography, reading, and being creative. 



Our parish staff includes our Treasurer Paul Rogers 

The church relies on volunteers to maintain church operations, programs, and ministries. Nancy Knotts chairperson on the Shepherd’s Crook Food Pantry board, Amy Rothermel is our Gardener, and Karen Cramer is our Historian.

The St. Paul’s by-the-Sea church office is located in the front, at ground level, off 3rd street facing Baltimore Ave. were the mail box and the (handy-cap) door entrance are located.

Office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-12:30pm.