In the public ceremony of baptism the gathered community joins in welcoming a new member into the body of Christ, the church. The community includes the family and sponsors of the person baptized, traditionally called godparents, and the local congregation and clergy.

Because Ocean City is a resort community we often receive requests to baptize people from out-of-town. In these cases we require that baptismal preparation be done at the person’s local Episcopal Church and that a member of the clergy from that congregation provide written assurance that the preparation was completed.

In order to discuss baptismal preparation and dates please contact Pastor Jill through the church office at 410-289-3453 or email her at

Baptismal Dates
At Saint Paul’s by-the-Sea we celebrate baptisms on special occasions during each year. Please contact the office for dates:

  • “The Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ”  in early January.
  • The annual visit of The Bishop of Easton.
  • Easter Season.
  • “The Day of Pentecost”.
  • A Summer Sunday. Usually the last Sunday in July.
  • “All Saints Sunday”. Usually the first Sunday in November.