Funerals and Contracts

Funerals (Memorial Services)

It is our desire at Saint Paul’s by-the-Sea to assist you during this time of loss and grief. Our Priest or Deacon will meet you to arrange for a funeral and offer you pastoral support. If a death is pending, or when a death occurs, please inform us as soon as possible so that we may be of assistance. Please call the church office at 410-289-3453. If you are calling outside of our office hours, 9am-1pm Monday through Friday, please follow the prompts to be transfered to a voicemail box of your choosing. Or please call again and leave a message with our Office Administrator ext 100.

What is a Columbarium?

It is an 18th century Latin word for dovecote or dove nest.  Today, it is a place where urns holding cremains (ashes) may be inurned (reposed) in individual niches.


Columbarium License and Agreement

Columbarium-opening & inside-measurement w identifications

Funeral Arrangements