Shepherd’s Crook NEW Summer Schedule – Closed on Saturdays (July through Labor Day)

Beginning in July, and continuing through Labor Day, Shepherd’s Crook will not be open on Saturdays. This decision was not made lightly and addresses many of the obstacles this ministry has been facing recently.

1. Due to inflation and the influx of the J1 students, what we are spending every week has doubled. All of last week there were 70ish people everyday we were open. We are hoping by cutting back to 3 days a week, what we buy will go further.
2. Traffic issues for the volunteers on Saturdays are just getting worse as the summer progresses. One of our volunteers has cut back to every other Saturday strictly because he’s getting burnt out dealing with it from Ocean Pines.
3. Staffing Saturdays in the summer has always been an issue but is even worse this summer.