Red Doors Programs Update – May 12, 2021

Dear Parish Members and Friends,

Last December the Vestry decided to suspend operations of Red Doors programs effective January 1, 2021 as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The combination of restrictions imposed by the state of Maryland, CDC directives and guidance from the Diocese of Easton made it practically impossible to continue programs since spring 2020. While it was disappointing to suspend operations, the decision was the safest and most financially prudent choice the Vestry could make.

Since the decision, the Red Doors Work Group has continued to pursue plans for some reopening of Red Doors once circumstances improved. The Work Group developed three possible reopening plans. The Work Group also conducted a survey of past participants. 

The Vestry met on May 10 to discuss the reopening plans and the recommendation of the Finance Committee. Following a thorough discussion and deliberations, the Vestry voted not to reopen the Red Doors programs.  The Vestry did not make this decision lightly. The Vestry is grateful for the extensive and thoughtful efforts of the Red Doors Work Group and appreciates their critical contribution to this important decision. 

The Vestry has committed itself to re-examine the potential for the property on Worcester Highway and pursue opportunities for uses compatible with the mission of the parish. The Vestry is also committed to focusing attention on our parish family and calling a new priest to minister to our congregation. We will strive to keep you informed as we pursue these important goals. 


Tom Shuster, Senior Warden