Remembering Fr. David Dingwall

Rev. David Dingwall wasn’t just St. Paul’s spiritual leader; he was also a tireless advocate for anyone in our community who needed help. If you have a special memory of how Fr. Dingwall impacted your life or those around you, please share them here so others can better know the man we loved.

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St. Paul's By The Sea
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by Mary Apple on St. Paul's By The Sea

Thank you, Father David, for giving our mom a wonderful farewell service. It was exactly what she would have wanted! Surely she would have been so saddened to say goodbye to you! You were better at farewells than all of us... may this be more of the same... and you are smiling down at all of us now.

by Karen Gordon on St. Paul's By The Sea

His intelligent sermons were always uplifting and his humor and kindness left you feeling better each time you met with him.

by Christine Donaldson on St. Paul's By The Sea

Fr. David Dingwall impressed me immediately with his kindness, his knack for recognizing the new person in the church, and with easy grace, acknowledging them. I visited St. Paul's by-the-Sea while on vacation, and immediately felt wrapped in the faith and love of this congregation, bound together by Fr. David. I was struck by the simplicity of his message, and wished to hear more from this humble man. He will be missed greatly. St. Paul's will continue in its ministry of caring, in the footsteps of this wonderful man. This will be his legacy.

by Rodney Dean on St. Paul's By The Sea

During the summer of 2005 my children and I drove to Denton with several other members of the Search Committee from St. Paul's bythe Sea to meet Father David in person and to hear our first sermon. This began our 8 year long realtionship that taught each of us a great deal about being a follower ofJesus. It goes without saying that he will be missed greatly. He taught us well. RD

by Victoria Ferguson on St. Paul's By The Sea

Thank you for every little thing you did that no one even knew of. God Bless your ministry and Family. A special thank you from me for what you have done for my family. Never forgotten in Christs Love and Our hearts.

by Yvonne Field on St. Paul's By The Sea

Loving, kind, funny, faithful, spiritual, giving, generous, smart, loved, adored... these are but a few words that come to mind when thinking of Father David, & the the wonderful human being he was. He left behind so many broken hearts, but his indomitable spirit is still with us.