New Weekly Email

We have experienced a terrible void the past four months without being together for church services. During this time of great change, as we prepare for the return of indoor services and look for a new rector, it is vitally important that we are connected and well informed. We will begin this effort with a weekly email blast – a short, informative, and easy read. To keep it brief, the content will be in a summary format with links to more details on our website or elsewhere on the internet. Simple click on content within the email that is underlined to be taken to additional information. 

Please be aware, it is likely that  your email browser is going to assume that this mass email, sent through Constant Contact, is spam and therefore will not deliver it to your inbox. Currently, the plan is to send this weekly email on Fridays. If you have not received it by Saturday, search your email for “Weekly News and Updates”.

Going forward, once the email has been sent, a link to it will be posted on our website for your convenience. On the home page klick on the Newsletter button located in the upper right corner. We hope you enjoy reading the email and find it useful.