The Bishop’s Advisory on Masking Inside

From: Office of the Bishop
Date: May 19, 2022
Re: Masking Indoors

Covid-19 cases are continuing to rise with the newest Omicron variant. Several Eastern Shore Counties are now rated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as having a “medium COVID-19 Community Level” of risk.

We strongly advise masking indoors during this current uptick, especially if your jurisdiction enters the medium or high transmission category. This includes office hours, worship services, and all indoor events.

To see CDC updates on “levels” use the link below:

We continue to pray for the many lives that have been affected by the Coronavirus. For those who have died; for the family members that mourn their loss. For those who continue to heal and for the skilled caregivers that continue to fight this disease – we pray for you.

Thank you to all the leaders in our parish communities, for your continued diligence in following best practices.