Third Street Directions & Parking

From Route 50 West:

  1. Cross over the Route 50 bridge onto Ocean City island.
  2. Follow Baltimore Avenue around to the left.
  3. The church will be on your right, across from City Hall.

From Coastal Highway/ Route 1 South:

  1. Turn left onto 3rd Street.
  2. The church will be on your left, across from City Hall.


Paid parking will return to Third Street on Thursday, April 1, 2021. However, paid parking will only be enforced on the weekends (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). 

Beginning Saturday, May 1, paid parking will be enforced Monday through Sunday and continues through Thursday, September 30. 

Beginning Friday, October 1, paid parking will be enforced on weekends only. We return to all free on street parking on Monday, November 1, 2021. 

During the summer, you may park: (must have a St. Paul’s parking pass displayed on the vehicles dash)

  • On 3rd Street in front of the church (free before noon on Sundays only)
  • Behind City Hall on 3rd Street (free before noon on Sunday’s only)
  • In the municipal parking lot on 4th Street and Baltimore ave (free before noon on Sundays only)

Except for the summer season and pre-season holidays you may park in the Polynesian parking lot located closest to the north side of the church provided you have a St. Paul’s parking pass displayed on the vehicles dash. Contact the church office at 401-289-3453 with any questions or to obtain a St. Paul’s parking pass.

There are also 4 parking places in the alley between DeWees Hall and the boardwalk which may be used for church and community center purposes only. A St. Paul’s parking pass is required. Be advised that cars parked in those spots for reasons other than church programs or business are subject to being towed year round.

Visitors may contact the parish office during the week, at 410-289-3453, from 9am to noon to make arrangements to obtain a Sunday morning only parking pass from office or ask the Ushers at the services.