10AM Sunday Church Services at SPBTS, with Shirley Hailey on the Organ

10AM Sunday Service

It is our great pleasure to listen to Shirley playing the organ for us, though singing will not be permitted.

Please be aware that everyone must enter through the orange doors on the north side of the FCCC building. The front steps and doors will be for emergency exit only.

We must wear a mask at all times. Upon entering the building you will be asked for your signed covenant (Covenant for Regathering); you will sign the log book; and your temperature will be taken. In order to maintain social distancing regulations, only three people or a family will be allowed on the elevator at a time.

As you exit the elevator, you will proceed directly into the Nave, picking up a bulletin and communion set on the way to your seat. The pews have been marked with blue painters tape to keep everyone six feet apart. There will be several ushers to help with seating. After the service, we will exit the building using the elevator or using the steps just beyond the elevator.

At no time, will we be permitted to mingle inside the building. Feel free to congregate outside to catch up with church members.

This opportunity to be together in the Church has been a long time coming, and the re-gathering committee has worked diligently to make it happen.

Note: please bring your own tissues.