10/01/2019 Deacon Postulant Laura McCarthy now at SPBTS

I grew up in Westover, Maryland (Somerset County) and am the middle child of three. I have an older sister who lives in Spain most of the year and a younger brother who lives in the home were we all grew up. Both of my parents are deceased. I am a “cradle Episcopalian” and was baptized as an infant in Laurel, Maryland, then confirmed at St. Andrew’s in Princess Anne. I have spent most of my life in the Episcopal Church except a few years in middle/high school when we attended the Methodist Church in Princess Anne so we could participate in Sunday school and youth activities. We went back to St. Andrews by late high school where my brother and I taught Sunday school. I skipped a few years of going to church in my late teens/very early 20s (I was more interested in going to the beach on Sundays) until I realized that I was missing something important in my life and started going back to church. In 2002 I attended Cursillo in the Diocese of Central Florida where I truly met Jesus for the first time. It was that Cursillo that planted the seed I was called to servant ministry. I wasn’t thinking about ordination at the time. I ignored God’s nudging until 2013 when he gave me a shove and I started the conversation with my priest, Fr. David Michaud. With one thing or the other it was another five years before I could start the discernment process to confirm that I was called to ordained ministry as a Vocational Deacon. I currently hold the positions of Secretary to Convention in the Diocese of Easton, Assistant Secretary to Diocesan Council, and Assistant Director of the newly formed Bishop’s Institute for Discipleship, Leadership, and Ministry Formation. I am also a Licensed Lay Worship Leader, Licensed Lay Eucharistic Minister and Licensed Lay Eucharistic Visitor. I am single and live in Hebron, Maryland, with two cats named Miss Kitty and Penny and a Hahn’s Macaw named Monty.